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What’s Happening?

If you are at the general SUNSHINE COAST Area, then next week, on the 11th of October, there will be a library talk at the Nambour Library titled: Modern sexual exploitation. Pornography, prostitution, online scamming and domestic violence. 

The library introduction says: Join author of Love on the Line and Women’s Liberation Movement in Finland, Elina Juusola. Follow her thirty-five year journey as a researcher and feminist. Discover how Elina’s career has shaped her desire to make a difference.

Spread the word and book for:

11th of October 2016 10.00AM: Nambour Library, Sunshine Coast

20th of October 2016 10.00AM: Caloundra Library, Sunshine Coast

21st of October 2016 10.00AM: Kawana, Sunshine Coast

3rd of November 2016 2.00PM; Coolum, Sunshine Coast

4th of November 2016 10.30AM: Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

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“Why we need to do more for victims of online fraud and scams” by Dr Cassandra Cross.

As we come to the end of National Consumer Fraud Awareness Week, I can’t help but reflect on my own work researching this difficult and often fraught area.

Imagine if you had a close friend or relative who went online looking for a relationship. They find someone special, spend weeks, months and even years dating, communicating via email, Skype, telephone and text.

At some stage, they are asked for a small amount of money for a medical emergency, a family drama or one of many other possible scenarios. Without hesitation, they comply.

Before long, they have lost everything, including their savings or their superannuation, and are now left with a second mortgage on the family home.

Or imagine if your partner was approached with an investment opportunity. They do their research, do “due diligence”, and it seems to check out. There are glossy brochures, a website of testimonials, and an array of staff to whom they speak on a regular basis.

So they invest thousands of dollars and are able to log in to an account to track the progress of their investment. But one day the website disappears – along with all of your combined savings.